Academic Expectations Agreement

Being a member of a VCU athletic team is a privilege and mandates that you adhere to the following NCAA, Atlantic 10 Conference and VCU policies and guidelines.

1. You are expected to follow the VCU Athletic Code of Conduct, VCU Honor Code and all other NCAA, A-10 and VCU policies and regulations.

2. Attend all classes and complete all academic assignments before the assigned deadline.

3. Treat your professors/instructors/tutors and other staff with respect at all times.

4. Consult Student-Athlete Academic Support Services and your primary academic advisor on all academic matters.

5. When requesting a tutor, student-athletes are expected to follow the outlined procedures for obtaining a tutor and will meet with their tutor at the regularly assigned time.

6. Student-athletes assigned to study hall are expected to complete all required hours unless excused by their head coach. They are expected to utilize study hall time in a responsible manner.

7. Prior to athletic travel, you are expected to make appropriate arrangements with instructors to make up all misses tests and other assignments.

8. The NCAA mandates that student-athletes must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits at all times during the Fall and Spring semesters. It is highly recommended that you enroll in 15 credits each semester to ensure that you graduate on time. At no time during the semester may you drop below 12 credits. If you drop below 12 credits, you are immediately ineligible.

9. You are responsible for maintaining NCAA and VCU academic eligibility.

10. You must OFFICIALLY declare your major by the beginning of your fifth semester or third year in college. This includes transfer students. If eServices does not reflect your chosen major, you have yet to fill out one of these forms, you have NOT OFFICIALLY declared your major.

As a student-athlete at VCU you are among the leaders and the best. VCU has established a tradition of excellence in the academic community. In accordance with this tradition, all student-athletes are expected to represent the University in an honorable and professional manner at all times. VCUDepartment of Athletics expects you to lead by example and be a model student-athlete at VCU and in our community.